Rick Mather Architects have been practicing in London since the early 1970s. Best known for their award winning museum extensions such as the Dulwich Picture Gallery and the National Maritime Museum, their portfolio spans a broad spectrum of projects from private residences to academic masterplans and urban design including both renovation and new building. They are world renowned for thier intuitive sense of place and context, as well as their pioneering technologies in structural glass and sustainable design.

The book establishes Rick Mather's unique approach to resolving complex design issues on both a large scale and in the fine details. The work of the practice is described in accessible terms through the texts and a wealth of visual material, including photography and drawings supplied by the practice. Alongside this documentation, the visual aspect is supplemented by the reproduced paintings, maps and drawings from a diverse range of sources, which have inspired and informed the work.

Over the past thirty five years, the practice has undertaken 500 projects. These include the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; student halls of residence in Norfolk: the Ashmolean Museum extension, Oxford; the masterplanning of London's South Bank Centre as well as Mather's iconic housing of the 1980s and 90s. This book will cover the full range of projects, exploring Mather's response to the technical and social requirement of the brief and the way that a US born architect has re-imagined Britain's culture and made it his own.

Blackdog Publishing 2006

An American, who received his training at the University of Oregon, Mather moved to England at a time when American urban fabric was dissolving in a sea of business parks and freeways. London offered the attraction of life in a city with real metropolitan qualities and his architecture is a celebration of those older qualities; a rejection of the buildings as an isolated object. Nevertheless his buildings are all rooted in the calm purity of the vocabulary of Modernism. Working in cities as diverse as London, Hong Kong, and Montreal, Mather works both at the scale of the individual house as well as the office building or university. His domestic work is an ingenious exploration of high-density living, his restaurants are dazzling pieces of social stagecraft while his commercial projects address the issue of urbanity head on.

A Blueprint Monograph 1992

Part of the Architecture in Detail series, Zen Restaurants explores the partnership between Zen restaurants and Rick Mather in producing some of the world's finest restaurant interiors. Mather's designs eschew ethnic reference to establish a family group of cooly -considered dining environments.

John Welsh considers Mather's three London based restaurants - ZeNW3, Zen Central and Now & Zen - plus those in Hong Kong and Montreal.

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Virginia gets $ 100 million gift in American Art

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In Richmond a museum aims for the big leagues

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Now it's Dulwich modern as gallery in £9m facelift re-opens
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La renaissance de la Dulwich Gallery
8 May 00

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Tempting collection for top restaurant awards
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Tales from the Capital's riverbank

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Squaring the Southbank Circle

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Master builder

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Mather may have come up with a winner

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Southbank to have $150m facelift

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London's bankside development project seeks to revice dormant arts centre

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Mather unveils Southbank

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Rick Mather's Southbank plan wins early plaudits

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The Southbank sails into the future

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London's most popular museum architect - Rick Mather times three
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Mather marks new direction for gallery
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Keble Connection

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Blowing the dust of a hidden jewel
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Apartment in London
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Wallace transformation
27 Apr 95

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RIBA National Award Winner
Dec  94

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Dynamic penthouse
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Student Union 
John Welsh  -   Feb 94

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Energy - warm space, cool aesthetic: Rick Mather at UEA 
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Lofty Aspirations
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Hallmarks of quality on the campus 
Peter Dormer - 8 Dec 93

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The China Syndrome
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Drill Hall Theatre London
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Blanc Out
24 Oct 93

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Follow the Eros route to excellence
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Burning desire
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Learning verve
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A room for all seasons
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Crystal gazing
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Zen and the art of body maintenance
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A glass of its own
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Zen and the art of chopstick management
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Heart of glass
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Modern a la Mode
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Rooftop View
4 Dec 92

Nov  92

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People in glass houses shouldn't grow cold
Hugh Aldersley-Williams - Aug  92

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Extending glass potential
July  92

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Glass structure - Private housing
22  July  92

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A Zen dragon  
Justin Henderson  -  Apr 92

La qualita nascoste del vetro
Ferruccio Izzo - March  92

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Oxford job for Mather
20 Mar 92

Sperimentale e storica
Feb 92

Zen - oder die Kunst mit Strabchen zu essen 
SAS  -  Jan 92

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Zen and the art of cool 
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Luxus der leere
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r - Feb 91

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Turning living upside down
Nicole Swengali - 19 Jan 91

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Unusual shapes in Rick Mather's latest London restaurant
Oct  90

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Dice hard
Fay Maschler -  21 Aug 90

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Zen and the art of the Chinese Restaurant
Sophie Radice - Jan  90


Architectur Interiere Cree
Chinese Cooking
Oct  89

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East meets West
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Art under glass in Hampstead
9 Apr 89

The Houseplant Book

March 88

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Does it Mather?
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Remodelling of AA interiors
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Going through the roof
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British Architecture

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A house that also houses the owners consulting rooms
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100 Ideas
22 Nov 81

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Starting out with a derelict Regency shell
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A Londre su cinque piani

Peter Eaton Bookshop in London
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Mather of fact...
April 77

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24 Sept 76

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Rare bookshop
Richard Baver - 17 Sept 75

Third prize in new town competition
22 Mar 68

L'Architecture d'Aujourdhui
Concours international pour le centre d'Espoo, Finlande
Georges Candillis - Nov 67

52 Arckitektur Wettbewerbe

International competition for centre of Espoo
no 8 - 1967