Marking the closure of Fairfield Halls, the National Trust initiated a series of tours which told the story of Croydon's 1960s building boom and its future ambitions, and included behind-the-scenes access to Fairfield Halls. Rick Mather Architects design team volunteered to assist the guided tours to impart our knowledge of the site history gained in the early stages of the design process, as well as give a brief talk on the proposals., before work began on the two-year, restoration-led refurbishment.

As Croydon undergoes another wave of regeneration, the National Trust has begun a discussion about what is special and cherished about suburban places like Croydon, which are as awash with heritage, green space and beauty as anywhere else. Rick Mather Architects approach has engaged with this debate, building on the existing success and popularity of the site's major cornerstones Fairfield Halls and College Green; to restore and enhance them for current and future generations to enjoy.

Rick Mather Architects are proud to be a part of this regeneration of Croydon, we are driven by the challenge to create a mixed use, cultural led scheme with thriving, resilient, diverse spaces for the community.