The Estate of Lincoln's Inn is at the start of its biggest set of changes for well over a century. Major works to the Great Hall, the Library and the Eastern Terrace will take place between July 2016 and January 2018.

On Tuesday 21 June, the Treasurer of the Inn, together with his two immediate predecessors and Stuart Cade from Rick Mather Architects 'broke ground' to signal the start of works.

The works will introduce a new library and administration building providing additional library storage, a new library reading room and office accommodation, with connections made between the existing Library and the new building. A second building is proposed below the existing east terrace of the Great Hall, providing new education facilities for the Inn's expanding advocacy training programme, including advocacy training/seminar rooms, a lecture theatre and event and social space. Connections to the existing building will be made and a new entrance will be provided. The third element of the project involves essential refurbishment works to the Great Hall along with improvements to the catering and welfare facilities.